Ignatieff coming to campus next week

Michael Ignatieff, Canadas Federal Liberal leader, is coming to UTM on January 13 as part of a cross-Canada tour. The UTM visit was organized by the UTM Young Liberals club. Students can attend free of charge.

The tour consists of visits to several campuses and will culminate with Canada at 150: Rising to the Challenge, a conference that will be held in Montreal in March 2017 as Canada will turns 150 years old.

Well be talking about the kind of Canada we want in 2017—and what we need to do today and tomorrow to get there, said Ignatieff.

Liberal Party member and former Mississauga-Erindale MP Omar Alghabra, who visited UTM with Justin Trudeau in November this past year, sent an e-mail to UTM students asking them to share their ideas with Ignatieff on priorities they would like to address with the Liberal leader. Examples of issues include immigration, economy, education and the environment.    Our countrys future is being shaped on our college and university campuses, by the energy and ingenuity of our young people. Their potential is Canadas potential, and so theres no better place to begin a national conversation about the Canada we can be in 2017, said Ignatieff.

Ignatieff will begin his cross-Canada tour on January 11 in Nova Scotia Community College in Dartmouth, followed by visits to college and university campuses in Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Hamilton, Mississauga, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria.

The Canada we want to imagine and create is for them. Canadas young people must and will be the true authors of our national ambition, said Ignatieff.

Ignatieff has studied, written and taught about human rights, democracy, security and international affairs, and is an alma mater of the University of Toronto, Oxford University and Harvard University.

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  1. Omar Alghabra, so glad we voted you out. Bob Dechert is doing a great job for this community and I highly doubt you’ll ever get your ordained position back again.

    As for Iggy, hopefully he will just take some curriculum notes for when he returns to Harvard.

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