Halloween Carnival raises money for Japan

UTM’s Student Centre was turned into a “Haunted Carnival” in celebration of Halloween last Monday.

UTMSU collaborated with the Japanese Society for Erindale Students, the Vietnamese Student Association, the Erindale Singapore Malaysian Society, the Indonesian Student Community, and the Erindale Gaming Organization to raise funds for the Red Cross Japanese Earthquake relief operation.

“After the Japanese earthquake, people donated for a certain period of time, but stopped after a while,” said Joleena Teo, the president of ESMS. “Many victims have yet to have their lives fully restored after that disaster, and we hoped that an event like this can continue to create awareness that these victims still need our help.”

ESMS held a “coffin-fishing” game and created a wishing well. Fish bowls and fish tanks were set up at the booth, and participants were allowed to keep the fish they caught.

The haunted house was a maze on the second floor of the Student Centre; it drew a crowd well into the night. The maze included decorations, dark corners, scary music, and student volunteers dressed up as ghosts.

Besides the five clubs that officially hosted the event, other clubs were also invited to be part of the event to promote themselves and participate in setting up booths for the carnival. Two such clubs were Lifeline and the Organization of Latin American Students.

“Our club wanted to get more involved on campus, and especially since this is for a good cause,” said Virginia Vedia, the president of OLAS.

Among those who dressed up for the event were YouTube Man (who wore a cardboard box with an iPad attached, the screen of which broadcast your face when you looked into it), a hammerhead shark, and Edward Scissorhands.

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