An on-going investigation is being conducted by the University of Toronto Mississauga’s Campus Police after homophobic comments were discovered on January 4th in the CCT building’s all-gendered bathrooms.

The comments stated “1 man + 1 woman.” They are believed to have been made in the week prior to their finding, according to Rob Messacar, the manager of the campus police services. Another comment included a complaint concerning no change tables in the bathrooms for infants. As of press time, there is no knowledge of who made the comments in question.

“UTM remains a safe community. Incidents involving vandalism of this type remain uncommon, however we should all remain vigilant and immediately report any suspicious activity occurring on our campus,” stated Messacar in an email to The Medium.

According to Messacar, the comments were not directed at any specific individual and an investigation is still ongoing.

An additional complaint regarding unsuitable posters around Davis was also made. The posters were advertisements for a commercial gun range. No prior approval was given for the posters to be put up, and they were promptly removed on the 17th of January by the campus police.

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