Fiji Pub turns up heat

On February 5, the Blind Duck Pub was transformed into an island paradise by the Philanthropy Jigamarie Club, with the mission to raise money for the Red Cross. Peter Buczkowski, president of the club, declared, we’re trying to start a night life at UTM, something that will attract students into coming out and having some fun while informing the public about new opportunities that people don’t know about.

Last year, the Fiji Pub Night event managed to collect almost $5,000 for the Alzheimer’s Society. Organized in conjuncture with the Phi Gamma Delta, a fraternity operating out of the St. George campus, Fiji Night brought out a large crowd of revelers who danced the night away. Providing the music was Oh DJ Oh and DJ Rytaxys, who spun a crazy mix of house, euro, rap, R&B, and a few selections from the top 40s.

Robert Martin, chapter president of Phi Gamma Delta explained that Fiji night was intended to focus on the promotion of the core values of the fraternity, friendship and charity. Friendship is the sweetest influence, its one of our mottos, and its the atmosphere we’re creating here. Tonight, our focus is on philanthropy, charity and having a good time.

Fiji night was also a celebration for the new president of the chapter, William Stefanic, who remarked that he was really pleased the event went beyond expectations. It was a vibrant, good time that was apparently enjoyed by everyone in attendance. Lucy Wu, a third-year forensic science student in attendance backed up that claim: Its awesome. It only happens once a year and its always a good party.

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