UTM’s hospitality and retail services department announced last Thursday that the campus had obtained Fair Trade certification from Fair Trade Canada.

Among several other campuses, such as Brock University, University of Ottawa, McGill University, University of Guelph, and Western University, UTM is currently the 18th Fair Trade-certified campus in Canada.

The University of Toronto Scarborough gained the title last May.

UTM has been working for a year and a half on Fair Trade certification to become ethically sourced.

Vicky Jezierski, director of the hospitality and retail services at UTM, explained to The Medium that the designated title to UTM means providing available fair trade products for the campus, educating students on what fair trade stands for, and what it means to buy something that is fair trade, including coffee, tea, and chocolate bars.

When asked whether an increase in food prices will happen on campus, Jezierski said that it will not happen.

“What we tried to do is make sure we provide exceptional products, but also without cost affecting in price increase. We don’t want to bring products that are going to make students pay higher prices,” said Jezierski.

Andrea De Vito, assistant director of UTM’s hospitality and retail services, listed to The Medium the planned activities for Fair Trade Week, to be held next week.

Next week’s activities will include samples and specials on fair trade products, an information booth at the TFC throughout the week, giveaways, donations being collected by entering a draw to win grand prizes, as well as efforts in continuing to raise money for a Fair Trade trip to Guatemala in April.

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