The UTM Entrepreneur’s Club held its first Entrepreneurs Night last Thursday at Spigel Hall in Davis, featuring 14 special guests who shared their experiences to the students in attendance.

The president of the Entrepreneurs Club, Stephen Ayeni, told The Medium that the event aimed at connecting students interested in entrepreneurship with real-life entrepreneurs and experts in the field, to help motivate them to follow their goals.

“The mission of the UTM Entrepreneur’s Club is to encourage and promote entrepreneurship here within the UTM community,” said Ayeni. “We believe that this event strongly aligned with our mission, and we are proud of the impact this event has had on our student attendees.”

Students were given a chance to engage in an activity which divided them in small groups and allowed them to go around and talk to the guests. Following the end of the night, many students stayed for almost an hour after to informally chat with the guests.

“We had nine distinguished high profile entrepreneurs present captivating, engaging, and meaningful presentations to our 45 student attendees,” said Alyeni.

Some of the featured speakers included the co-founders of Flyte Socks, Hung Jean and Jeffrey Trinh; co-founders of Dash MD, Zack Fisch-Rothbart and Cory Blumenfeld; the founder and CEO of Femme Fatale Media Group Inc., Emily Lyons; the vice president of growth at 500 px, Sylvia Ng; student investor, Jacob Ennis; and MBiotech associate director, UTM professor Leigh Revers, in addition to several others.

“The event was a great success. We are pleased to have primarily received positive feedback regarding the event from both the event attendees, and our special guests,” stated Alyeni. “We feel as though the attendees have gained much value from being in attendance at the event, and we are very proud of that.”

Alyeni explained that the club had a similar event in November 2015, which was “simply entitled UTM Entrepreneurs Night.” However, the event then only had seven high-profile special guests and 30 student attendees.

In regards to future plans, Alyeni stated that the club will continue to organize similar events, and will work toward promoting entrepreneurship within the UTM community.

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