ECC election wraps up

The unofficial results of the Erindale College Council election were posted online pending ratification.

ECC isthe highest governing body at UTM. Fifty full-time undergraduates and 14 part-time undergraduates, including executives from UTMSU, were elected to represent over 12,000 students.

This year, approximately 60 students ran for a position.

On Friday, September 21, UTMSU was informed that only 25 to 30 students had successfully been nominated to the ECC. A concern was that people did not follow through in their promise to nominate individuals to the ECC.  According to UTMSU, Deep Saini and Cindy Ferencz-Hammond offered to reopen the nominations period for the weekend until Monday to give more students a chance to be nominated.

“We agreed to the conditions on the basis that more student reps were better than few. And all students who really want in would follow through, because it was reopened as a first-come, first-served basis until the 50 full-time number was reached,” said Christopher Thompson, the president of UTMSU.

The ECC includes 75 student seats: 50 full-time undergraduates, 14 part-time undergraduates (including the president of UTMSU), nine members of UTMSU’s Board of Directors, and the president of the Erindale Part-time Undergraduate Student Association.

During their one-year term, student representatives will vote on matters that affect UTM students, including financial and academic matters. The ECC makes recommendations on matters such as residence fees, parking fees, and academic policies, including the 1.0 drop credit.

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