UTMSU, in collaboration with UTM Peer 2 Peer club, held a destressing event last Thursday, in which students got to make soap from natural ingredients.

Students blended ingredients such as coconut oil, Shea butter, vitamin E, and scents like lavender in cups, heated them, then left them to cool in the shape of soaps. In an email to The Medium, Vanessa Demello, UTMSU’s VP university affairs and academics, stated that it was the first time that UTMSU held that type of destressing event.

“We decided that making organic soap would be a good idea, because it has all natural ingredients, which are healthy for your body,” wrote Demello. “It’s important that students take the time to take care of their bodies, hygiene, and their mental health, especially during this hectic time of the year.”

In addition to the soap, while drinking hot chocolate and tea, students got to talk about mental health and share the pressures they face in their attempt to get a 4.0.

UTMSU has other destressing plans scheduled during the exam season, including a “get artsy” event, a video game event, self-care kit making, TV and Popcorn Time, and others. UTMSU will also offer additional study space in the Presentation Room, the Meeting Room, and the Red Room at the Student Centre.

Peer 2 Peer plans to hold destress sessions twice a week for two hours next semester as well. Demello stated that there will be different destressing events over the next semester.

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