The new North building is still undergoing light renovations as the academic year begins. The six-storey facility features 29 classrooms and 500 new campus study spaces throughout the building to accommodate students’ needs. The study spaces include meeting rooms, quiet alcoves, and study carrels.

The new building will be home to the departments of English and drama, philosophy, historical studies, language studies, political science and sociology. Moreover, the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre is scheduled to relocate from the library in August.

The building will also have a large green space on the fourth floor overlooking the campus.

The Davis Building is under heavy construction as the internal and external renovations on the building continue into the new school year.

The university’s Facilities Management and Planning update states that interior work on the building will include “upgrades to the Meeting Place, existing washrooms and three building additions.” Externally, the renovations will see “extensive landscape work, the regrading of Inner Circle Road, and the installation of a dynamic entrance area.”

One common criticism about the UTM campus among students has been the lack of study spaces. With a larger than average incoming class this September, the university has placed new study carrels around campus, including on the fourth floor of the library, and the second floor of the CCIT building.

According to a UTM press release, the university is confident students will be satisfied with the variety and amount of study spaces on campus.

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