The October 27 election made Matt Mahoney the councillor for Ward 8, succeeding his mother Katie Mahoney, who held the seat for 23 years. Matt Mahoney will be representing the UTM community along with the rest of Ward 8 when his term begins on December 1.

As city councillor, Mahoney said his biggest priorities are “communication, communication, and communication”.

“I think it’s really important for an elected official to listen,” he told The Medium, adding that knocking on residents’ doors and hearing about their concerns during his campaign has helped him understand the issues being faced by the community.

“I’ve been born and raised in Ward 8 and obviously come from a family with a tradition for representation in this area,” said Mahoney. “I will be following up with the good work both my parents did over the years.”

Mahoney said that one of his focuses will be transit, specifically on connecting schedules better. “Bus schedules should be in line so that people can connect to buses without having to wait half an hour or 45 minutes,” he said.

He also said that an LRT on Hurontario requires more efficient routes so that people working along that road can connect with buses easier and without having to walk six to eight blocks.

“I think this will also encourage more people to use transit to get to work or school,” he said.

Mahoney also called UTM a “shining star” of Ward 8.

“I want to hear your ideas on what you think is necessary to make this the best university in Ontario,” he said.

When asked when the UTM community can expect him to reach out, Mahoney replied that he would be available “as soon as possible”.

Mahoney also said that he aims to improve the conditions of youth in non-profit housing in Ward 8.

“I plan to be very active in the community and make a difference. I am eager and ambitious to help make Ward 8 the best community. I plan to go to as many events, speaking to as many residents and students as possible,” he said. “I have big shoes to fill with the job my mum did, but I plan to be a visible elected official here in Ward 8 and across the city. It’s about engaging the community and I’m 100% committed to that.”

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