The Centre for Student Engagement (CSE) has been recently advertising their various funding initiatives for clubs and other student groups on campus. Here is a breakdown of the resources that are offered to students:

The Centre for Student Engagement offers four main options for funding: the Community Engagement Fund, the Collaboration Fund, the Good Ideas Fund, and the Co-Curricular Participation Bursary.

The Community Engagement Fund provides “monetary support to projects, events, and initiatives led by UTM student groups and academic societies working in partnership with community organizations in the Peel Region.” Students can apply for the fund throughout the year.

The Collaboration Fund is for any event that is being held by two (or more) student clubs or academic societies. It also has a rolling deadline.

The Good Ideas Fund is offered by Hart House, the “social epicentre” of the University of Toronto. The fund is for initiatives and events that “enhance the on-campus experience of other students at U of T” and focus on “inclusivity, specifically marginalized and under-represented groups, Indigenous education and cultural understanding, and tri-campus student engagement.” The fund subsidizes up to $2000, but has a deadline at the beginning of each semester.

Finally, there is the Co-Curricular Participation Bursary, which offers a reimbursement for any and all events that are CCR (Co-Curricular Record) approved. Some of the funds that a student can have reimbursed include transportation costs, conference fees, and registration fees. This bursary can be applied for throughout the year.


Other types of funding:

The University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union offers funding to all UTMSU-recognized clubs and societies. To receive recognition, students must apply at the end of the academic year via Ramzi Thambit, the UTMSU’s Clubs Coordinator.

The union also offers “green grants” to sustainable initiatives on campus, as well as additional funding to clubs and societies that collaborate together on their events.

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