Christian clubs hold unity week

The Christian Unity Association held its seventh annual Christian Unity Week.

CUA comprises Baptist Student Ministries, Chinese Christian Fellowship, Agape Impact, the UTM Catholic Students Club, and Erindale Christian Fellowship.

Christian Unity Week is dedicated to making the presence of the Christian community on campus known and inviting other students to investigate. Booths were set up in the Student Centre, including prayer stations, free books, Bibles, DVDs, and hot chocolate.

“We make it a point that everything we do in every event and every movement, we serve the students freely and use the funding that is given to us to allow students to benefit from it,” said Tarak George, co-president of CUA. “All our events are free and everything we give out is free, too. Free music, free Bibles, free hot chocolate, free everything, because as Christians, we received from God freely, too.”

The week also consisted of an event called “Worship in the Pub” where the Christian Unity band played Christian music on Monday and Wednesday afternoon.

About 750 Bibles, 500 DVDs, and hundreds of cups of hot chocolate were given out.

The week ended with Christian Unity Association’s talent night.

“Every year, this is one of our highest-anticipated events, where students come out and present their talents,” said George. “Whether it be a rap, a song, a skit, a dance, or anything at all, we allow students to come out and offer a bit of themselves. At the same time, we hope that those who come out can have their questions about Christianity answered.”

The talent night started with the Christian Unity band leading the attendees in a round of worship. The acts that followed consisted of singers, rappers, and bands.

“I think it was a good showcase of the talent that UTM students have, and it was encouraging to see Christian performers align their talents in a way that not only communicated the gospel but was also entertaining,” said Timothy Daniels, a CUA executive.

CUA holds monthly events on the last Thursday of every month during the school year. All are welcome to attend.

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