The Student Centre was transformed into a haunted centre filled with skulls, zombies, rat sculptures, a robotic zombie, and deathly sounds for the Halloween Haunted Carnival hosted by UTMSU in collaboration with clubs and student associations last Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday, booths were set up inside the Student Centre, with games that included witch hat ring toss, archery, and a pie-eating contest. A fortune teller and tea leaf reader were also featured.

There were a few different activities on Friday, including apple-bobbing barrels, face-painting tables offered by Rhythm, potions by the psychology association, and donations in exchange for a pumpkin spice cupcake or a face painted by the World Wildlife Fund.

The other student groups that contributed to the carnival include the Vietnamese Student Association, which sold desserts; the Erindale Campus African Students’ Association, which held a bake sale; and the Muslim Students’ Association, which offered biryani and samosas outside the Student Centre. There was also a stand with free popcorn and cotton candy.

Amandip Dhindsa, a second-year political science and history student, said, “I liked the popcorn stand and shooting arrows. But the free popcorn was the best!”

The carnival also featured several photo booths offered by the Egyptian Students’ Association featuring Cleopatra and pharaoh costumes, as well as by Medlife UTM, giving students the chance to have their photo taken with Spiderman.

Medlife UTM also organized a Zombie Run, which ran a course around campus.

The South Asian Alliance conducted a “Thriller” dance workshop in the Presentation Room.

On both days, an inflatable haunted maze was set up on the second floor of the Student Centre.

“It was 10 times more terrifying than I thought it would be! I screamed so hard my throat hurt. But it was worth it. At least I got candy afterwards,” said second-year management specialist Sandra Elbaradie about the haunted maze. “I love how such carnivals bring all people together to have their own kind of fun.”

Amir Mozzami, UTMSU’s VP part-time affairs and one of the main organizers of the Halloween Carnival, was pleased with the turnout.

“I really loved all the support that I got from the clubs, societies, volunteers, and the haunted carnival committee,” he said. “I think it worked out great.”


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