Sixty organizations were present at the Get Hired Fair hosted by UTM’s Career Centre last Wednesday.

Held in Gym A/B in the Recreation, Athletics and Wellness Centre, the fair attracted over 1,200 students, according to the coordinator for events and employer services, Michelle Atkinson in an email to The Medium. It featured employers in fields ranging from technology to science, and hires for long-and short-term durations.

Atkinson stated that the career fairs provide opportunities for students to interact with organizations and industries, particularly ones that students may have not considered.

Atkinson also explained that organizations for the fair were recruited through a mutual outreach program; some organizations reached out to UTM to participate, or were personally invited by the Career Centre on the basis of positive feedback from past fairs.

“[The Career Centre] wants to make sure there is something for everyone at the fair; so whether you are a first-year history student looking for summer experience to build your resume, a soon-to-be commerce grad, or a graduate student in one of the labs on campus, we really try to make sure that you are represented at our fair,” Atkinson said.

For fourth-year computer science student Simran Jaggi, determining what kind of company to work for “boils down” to a compatibility of interests.

“I’ve listed the companies that I really like, and when I meet the [representatives of these companies], I hope that our interests will match,” said Jaggi to The Medium, adding that she is interested in a computer science or technology-based career.

Apart from the fair, the Career Centre hopes to provide more opportunities to facilitate career development.

This career fair was the last to take place in the 2016-2017 academic year.

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