The University of Toronto Mississauga has released information about the upcoming legalization of cannabis this week.

According to current university regulations, UTM students will be allowed to smoke and vape cannabis at any location where tobacco smoking and vaping are currently allowed, as long as the person is of age, outdoors, and at least thirty feet from doors and windows.

Currently, in concert with broader public health campaigns, the university aims to educate students to consider health education and harm reduction strategies related to cannabis use, similar to efforts on tobacco and alcohol use.

In a statement released by Dean of Student Life, Mark Overton, the university will “help students learn about health impacts, considerations around safer sourcing, the importance of understanding potency in different products and formulations, and the potential for addiction.”

Improper use of cannabis will be identified by faculty, staff, and student peers. “As with tobacco use, enforcement will generally be complaint-driven,” stated Overton. “Users breaking laws, such as underage use, over-possession, or distribution […] will continue to face code and legal actions.”

The university will provide additional information to international students on things to consider if they are planning on visiting countries where the use of marijuana is illegal. Furthermore, UTM will also be sending reminders and additional information to students about residence expectations, including “a ban on cultivation” and the importance of storing cannabis in private spaces rather than shared spaces.

The Cannabis Act, also known as Bill C-45, will come into effect on October 17, 2018.

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