UTM’s Bangladesh Student Society held its first official event last Wednesday in the Student Centre. The event was held in celebration of International Mother Language Day, an annual event that promotes linguistic and cultural diversity. It was attended by UTM students, as well as York University’s Bangladesh Student Federation.

“As an international student away from home and family, it was the best experience I had. The feeling of home was truly priceless,” said UTM student Rasin Zakaria.

The event featured complimentary traditional snacks, such as fuchka, a round, crispy Indian flatbread with a spicy filling. Attendees were dressed in traditional Bangladeshi attire.

“The event was very organized,” said Rishabh Dev. “The fuchkas and the sweets were really amazing. I also asked my friends to come down to the event, as they were very tasty—in fact, one of the tastiest fuchkas I’ve ever had.”

“We need to have more cultural gatherings like this on campus,” said UTM student Nabil Arif.

Saad Alam, the co-president of BSS, said, “Organizing this event was more of a fun time than actually working. Everyone’s cooperation and enthusiasm truly made all the work seem [like] nothing. I believe that the event was quite a success and [I’m] proud of our team.”

The event was sponsored by Premium Sweets in Mississauga.

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