UTMSU hosted Yusra Khogali, Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder, for their “Being Black in the Ummah” event on February 25th, meant to discuss the intersectionality of black and Muslim identities.

Apart from being an activist, Yusra Khogali is also a writer, performance artist, and community organizer. She is also the co-founder of the Black Liberation Collective, which is a U of T student movement that uplifts black students’ voices and stands against anti-blackness on campus. She criticized the 2016 UTSU executive team of being “anti-black” during a town hall meeting meant to address UTSU’s treatment towards U of T students of colour.

In 2016, Khogali also co-organized atwo-week occupation outside Toronto Police Headquarters to protest the police shooting of Andrew Loku. The same year, Khogali also took part in protesting the presence of police at Toronto’s Pride Parade. The protest resulted in the absence of uniformed police from the 2017 Toronto Pride Parade.

Khogali is known for her activist work with Black Lives Matter Toronto, and controversial statements.

Media was not permitted to the event as it was “closed to black identifying folks only.”

“We have prioritized this event to black-identifying students, it is meant to be a healing space for students to share their experiences. In order for a healing space to take place, students expect that whatever they share will be kept in the space,” stated VP equity Sagal Osman in an email to The Medium.

Osman did not respond for request to comment regarding the turnout for the event.


  1. I’m itching to comment here. So I’d say to this BLM woman, let’s compare civilizations, shall we? Centuries of European magnificence and excellence in science, mathematics, art, architecture, literature, politics, and so on vis-à-vis barefoot, naked, spear chuckers living in mud huts without even a written language. Still think we’re inferior? If this post gets deleted, it’s because *they* are allowed to say whatever they want, but we are not.

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