Best Sex Pub ever

The most highly anticipated event of the school year did not disappoint last Thursday, with over 500 students turning out to the sexuality-themed party at the Blind Duck Pub. Organized by the Sexual Education and Peer Counselling Centre (S.E.C), the evening was intended to draw attention to sex-related issues and to encourage dialogue around the conventionally taboo subject.

Girls participate in KY jelly wrestling. Sex Pub saw over 500 students dancing and drinking until the very end (Photos/Jessica Zita).
Girls participate in KY jelly wrestling. Sex Pub saw over 500 students dancing and drinking until the very end (Photos/Jessica Zita).

Sex Pub presents students with the opportunity to open up and just have a good time, with fewer people to judge them, said Simran Dhaliwal, a thirdyear psychology student at UTM, who attended the event with a number of friends. Its almost as if they dont care anymore [about their inhibitions] which is awesome.

Evidence of uninhibited behaviour was not hard to find: amidst the grinding bodies on the packed dance floor, through the revealing un-dress of the partygoers, or when two girls on stage were wrestling in a pool of Jell-O, for example. A number of topless males were decorated in body paint, and bunny-ears were a popular item among the female students.

Just as omnipresent were the peacekeeper student volunteers, who kept a close eye on everything to make sure that the night remained safe and fun throughout. My job is to patrol the pub, ensure no one is too intoxicated or underage, and that no one causes a scene, explained one such volunteer, a third-year sociology student who gave her name only as Nav. Although she expected trouble before the end of the night, Sex Pub was remarkable for its order and good behaviour this year.

One of the only negative occurrences was when an unnamed male student removed his pants, called someone a fag and was asked to leave the pub by S.E.C staff. For the most part potential trouble-makers were turned away at the door — mostly non-students without tickets — and the security staff maintained tight control of all exits and entrances.

There were some other minor disruptions, such as when one individual attempted to bypass the security and gain entrance into the pub. The highlight of the night was definitely when the guy tried to drop in from the balcony [over the pool tables] and hit his head on the floor while getting arrested, said Kyle Watson, a UTM student involved with S.E.C. The night on the whole was an extreme success, and the number of scantily-clad women was very impressive.

This sentiment was echoed by a number of attendees, such as third-year crime and deviance student Mike Bartlett, who praised the plethora of very sexy girls, and declared that this Sex Pub was better than last years.

That the night was a success could be exemplified simply by the fact that the Blind Duck began running out of alcohol around midnight. Everyone is having fun and that is great, Johnny Ho, UTM Student Union VP Campus Life pointed out, before winning an honourable mention for the Best Dressed door prize.

Not everyone was completely satisfied with the event, however. Sex Pub is marketed as a queer-positive event but I havent seen one queer couple being intimate, noted Helen Orvis, a secondyear CCIT student who is also a former member of the S.E.C executive. Compare that to the countless number of straight couples making out and grinding. This event is a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done to make LGBTQ [Lesbian, Gay, Transgendered, Bisexua, or Queer] students feel comfortable.

At the end of the night, the Blind Duck was still filled with students and the dance floor was still rocking away. With only a few small incidents to detract from the fun and excitement, this years Sex Pub was clearly a resounding success, and how the S.E.C will top this one next year remains to be seen.

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