UTMSU’s Annual General Meeting will discuss proposed bylaw changes including the addition of Bylaw XVII pertaining to grievances, along with the addition and removal of several committees.

Bylaw XVII Grievances states that the UTMSU will be implementing procedures for members of the union and the community to voice concerns regarding a violation of the UTMSU bylaws.

“Any alleged violation of the administration or procedures of the Union’s Bylaws by the Directors may be dealt with by filing of a Grievance by any member of the Corporation. Any such Grievance shall be put in writing and addressed to the Grievance Officer, who shall be the President of the Union,” reads the bylaw.

It explains that a grievance needs to be stated to the Grievance Officer within 30 days of a violation occurring, after which a written response from the person in contention is required within 14 days of the grievance. The officer is then required to meet with both parties in order to establish a “mutually satisfactory resolution of the matter.”

UTMSU’s bylaw amendments state, “Depending on the manner of grievance, the Officer will pass the complaint onto one of three (3) committees to discuss the matter. i. Any complaints on staff of the union is sent to the Executive Committee ii. Any complaints against an Executive are sent to the Executive Review Committee of the Board. iii. Any complaints against a Division I, II, III, IV or V would be sent to the Executive Committee. iv. Any complaints regarding any personnel of the Union that violates the UTMSU’s Operational Policy on Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination shall follow the procedures within said policy.”

Any resolution will be decided upon through a majority vote of the committee members present at the AGM.

UTMSU and its members will also vote on amendments concerning the addition of a Campaigns and Advocacy Commission.

The commission would be responsible for conveying to the union members issues regarding “external bodies” such as outside student organizations and the university.

“The purpose of this Commission is to take an intersectional approach however different Commissioners can focus on different aspects depending on the priorities of the Union,” the bylaw reads.

Slight changes to the procedure for removing executive positions were also put forward. Bylaw X section 4, Removal of Office, has taken away the procedure for removing the vice-president of part-time affairs. Formally, the removal required no less than a five per cent vote from the part-time student membership in order for the board of directors to hold a vote. The alteration of this by-law is due to the VP position being removed in 2015.

Besides the bylaw amendments, UTMSU’s AGM will review the unions financial statements, as well as the appointment of auditors for the 2017/2018 year.

The AGM will take place this Thursday at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers in the Davis Building.

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