Writing Contest 2014 Winner – Poetry


We bonded over bones.
The other’s ivory insides,
Hidden by shells of red, white, and blue.
We kept tokens of each other’s skeletons,
To act like broaches on our breasts,
And keys to our hearts,
So that when worn proudly,
Or manoeuvred properly,
We would be hollow in ways
That only marrow can be.
Stark, raw, and pure.


Paige’s work ranges from short stories and non-fiction to plays and reviews. Her biggest goal as a writer is to create something worthy of feeling. Paige also enjoys fashion, fitness, food, and films.

Judges’ Comment

Paige’s poem is subdued, short, and simple, but its use of imagery and symbolism feels carefully crafted. Her thought is clear even though her meaning is woven into an extended mercurial metaphor.

This was an entry in the 2013/14 Writing Contest.

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