As a child nothing made up for a rough day at school like coming home to a glass of milk and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Fast forward 10 years or so and nothing’s really changed. Replace the glass of milk with a skinny, no-foam, no-water, chai tea latte and my childhood kitchen with a university campus, and I’m still craving chocolate chip cookies.

But with the variety of cafés on campus pumping out the classic cookie, it’s hard to choose. Which is the freshest cookie? The cheapest? The one with the most chocolate chips?

I’ve taken on the rather sweet task of finding the answer to these questions.



$2.10 inc. tax

Second Cup’s chocolate chip cookie looks very neat: it’s uniformly round, with an even creamy colour. It’s sturdy, yet soft. It has the smallest chip to cookie ratio, but these chips pack a punch. The semisweet, rich chocolate makes these chips the standout feature of Second Cup’s cookies. The taste is reminiscent of President’s Choice “The Decadent” chocolate chip cookies. UTM chocoholics, this cookie’s for you.



$1.00 inc. tax

When you think about chocolate chip cookies, it always comes down to one fundamental question: crispy or chewy? If you’re a lover of the crispy kind, get in line at Tim Hortons. Thin and crunchy, this cookie has that pitch-perfect snap when you break it in half. Even though it’s a chocolate chip cookie, the dough is the star component. The deep doughy flavour distinguishes it from all the others. Also, at $1.00, it’s a bargain.



$1.94 inc. tax

Don’t get distracted by the decadent drinks at Starbucks. They also have the biggest and richest chocolate chip cookie on campus. The chips and the dough share the spotlight. Being chewy and soft, it’s an interesting contrast to the Timmy’s version. But despite its delicate texture, the cookie holds its shape. The Starbucks cookie is ideal for when you’re really down or looking to treat yourself after a long day of library labour. I warn you, though: it’s hard to put down.



$1.63 inc. tax

You can’t walk into CCT without getting a waft of the Circuit Break Café’s freshly baked cookies. This cookie’s chocolate chips are more like chocolate chunks. But the main attraction of the Circuit Break’s cookies is their “just out of the oven” smell. Also, its light colour and irregular shape give it a homemade appearance. The chocolate chunks are gooey, melty, and soft. If you’re looking for a chocolate chip cookie just like Mom’s, the Circuit Break Café is the best place to find it.

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