UTM’s naughty places

Ever feel like the university life gets a bit too boring? No wonder—there aren’t many places on campus where students can hook up. Or so it seems. To help you spice up your routine, here are some of the best secret locations to have a little fun with your significant other—at your own risk. Rez students can thank us later. Those who have their own place—well, perhaps a little danger is what you need to take your life from frump to fabulous.

The CCIT Elevator

It takes forever to open, so this is the place for quick misdemeanors. Don’t take your clothes off, though—you won’t have time to put them back on. It’s still an elevator, not a hotel.

A Random Classroom

Beside the door of each classroom, a sheet of paper indicates the time and day when there are no designated classes in the room. Pick a free time and get down to some private studying. Close the door if it’s during the day, and try not to be too loud. If it’s nighttime, leave the door open; everyone’s probably at home already. A word of advice—the one-seated chairs are a bit uncomfortable, so pick a room with a table for comfort.

The Dean’s Lounge

I don’t recommend hooking up in this room during the day. It’s too popular. The entire North Building, however, is deserted at night. With the big, comfy couches in the Dean’s Lounge, you may want to make this room a top pick for your nightly hookups.

The Bathroom

Whether it’s the men’s or women’s washroom, hooking up in the bathroom is one of those things everyone should try before they die, right along with skydiving and visiting Paris. That’s why there’s a making-out-in-a-washroom scene in every movie, or at least the good ones, so this is your chance to make this fantasy a reality.

The Library

This is the riskiest place of all, in between the stacks of books in the library. Try the more private fourth floor. We saw a couple making out right in front of us a few days ago, so remember to be polite. If someone comes to the stacks to find a book, take a breather. I would save this place for the nighttime; it’s more likely that you won’t get caught.

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