How do you know if someone or something is popular? You could browse the newspapers to see if they’ve made headlines, you might check out the magazine stands to see if it’s on the cover, you could even poll a random sample. But all of that requires relinquishing your temporary home on the couch. So why not check out the world’s most-Googled list to see exactly how popular your favourite artist, TV show host, or hairdresser really is? The chart below shows the fastest-growing queries worldwide, and while some of what made it on the list will be what you already expected, some are sure to surprise you.

Also included is a little bit of information about each query that I collected from (you guessed it) searching it on Google.

Facebook: At #10 is the ever-faithful social networking site that promises to rid you of your afternoon boredom by allowing you to stalk your ex or by pressing “Like” on every single one of the photos your friends post.

Gamezer: A site where one can indulge in countless free games and revel in the bliss of mindless games of billiards, chess, checkers, and more. It just sounds so beautiful, doesn’t it?

Twitter: Tweet. Tweet. Tweeeet. Whether it’s updating their own Twitter or checking out what celebrities are up to, people worldwide seem to be hooked on this social network.

Katy Perry: The uber-sweet California Gurl is living the teenage dream as she sits on her #7 spot on the most Googled list. How should she celebrate? I suggest fireworks—pun intended.

Myxer: Another one that confounded yours truly. Turns out it’s a site where you can download everything from apps to songs to wallpapers. A very cool feature: you can make your own ringtones!

Friv: What’s “friv”? My reaction exactly… turns out that friv is a website where you can play “only the very best free online games”. From Mario Super to Tetris, it really is all there.

Nicki Minaj: The hip-hop singerwent from obscurity to stardom overnight. The real question is whether she’s on the most-Googled list because of her sudden catapult into extreme fame, or because of the multi-coloured hair…

Justin Bieber: Who would’ve thought that the lovable Biebs, who swept through Canada, would be the most Googled artist throughout the whole world?! Seems like Bieber fever has no intention of subsiding.

iPad: Is this a surprise? Not really; every time Apple releases a new gadget (the newest iPod, the iPhone, etc.), almost every techie will check it out, if not buy it for themselves. So the iPad, released in 2010, is no shocker..

Chatroulette: This website calls itself “a tool to meet new people”: all you need is a webcam and a microphone and you’ve got yourself some cyberfriends.

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