The Medium’s relationship quiz: what category are you?

Take this quiz and find out whether you are a commitment-phobe, a stage-five clinger, an individual ready to take on the new year and new relationships.

When your significant other asks you to do something, what is your response?

a) I’m busy (no explanation necessary)

b) Let me see what my friends are doing and then I’ll let you know

c) Yes! I have been waiting all day for your call

When you meet someone for the first time, you…

a) Run away; not interested

b) Chat with the person and exchange numbers

c) Talk so much that they leave without you even realizing it

When your significant other talks about getting “serious”, you…

a) Panic!!!!

b) Talk about it and see where the conversation leads to…

c) Show them a scrapbook of your “future children”

When your significant other blows off plans, you…

a) Don’t care

b) Understand that sometimes things come up

c) Are sad that you only spent 6 out of 7 days of the week with them

After a first amazing date you think…

a) There has to be a flaw, no one can be perfect

b) So far so good…. let’s take it slow

c) S/he is “the one”

When you see other people happily in love, you hope…

a) That I would never want such a boring and routine life

b) That they truly are happy

c) To have that same kind of love that will last forever and ever—and ever.

The new person you are dating sends you constant BBMs and IMs. You think…

a) Generally ignore the messages

b) Explain to them you have other things going on and you can’t always reply instantly

c) I love knowing they are so interested in me

You can’t decide between two dishes at your favourite restaurant. You let your partner decide for you, and you think…

a) Ugh, I should have gotten the other dish

b) Come to think of it, the food is always good here no matter what I get

c) It was delicious because my partner ordered it for me

After a month of dating your partner has met…

a) Only me

b) Only a few of my close friends

c) My dog, parents, grandparents. Absolutely everyone I know!

What is your parents’ marriage like?

a) A nightmare

b) They have their ups and downs

c) Solid and happy


If you chose mostly As…

You’re an extreme commitment-phobe: Unfortunately, this is not a good thing. You push anyone that comes close to your emotions. This might be because of your past relationships or the ones around you. You panic when things are getting too “serious”, and are afraid of getting your heart broken. However, you need to allow people into your life. Some people will disappoint you, but you cannot continue to shelter yourself. After all, it’s a new year, and with that comes new opportunities.

If you chose mostly Bs…

You’re a balanced acrobat: When you start new relationships, you are careful but not hesitant. You give something a try at least once, and are always looking for new opportunities. You realize that not every relationship is perfect but are willing to make things work. You don’t rush into anything but believe that taking it slow is the best way to get to know someone. Continue on this path because it has allowed you to meet interesting and fun people.

If you chose mostly Cs…

You are a stage-five clinger: When you have significant other, you are obsessed with them way too much. You always jump the gun, and perhaps have scared a few prospective partners with your “marriage” talk and scrapbooking. You have no life of your own and you revolve around the life of your partner. Although you’re needy, you believe in true love, and that one day you will meet the “one”. Just be a little less clingy, and maybe people will stick around.

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