Halloween’s over, but Mississauga has its fair share of historical sites with creepy background stories. And the locations aren’t far away, either. In fact, according to geniuses behind Google Maps, the closest of these locations, Glenerin Inn, is supposedly a 39-second drive from UTM. Here’s a little history on each location.   Glenerin Inn (1695 The Collegeway) In 1927, a Toronto lawyer built the Glenerin Inn as a summer estate. Today, the inn is a commercial hotel. The inn has a long history that includes sheltering British schoolgirls in WWII and housing Gatsby-esque jazz parties in the 1920s. Recently, guests and staff have reported seeing a shadow tending to the fire or sweeping up the leftover ashes. It doesn’t end there. When the current owners renovated the grounds, the staff discovered an underground tunnel. When construction halted during the nights, staff regularly heard phatom footsteps in the tunnel.   While you’re there: You can just enjoy the old-world architecture or go for an hour-long massage. You can also stay a few nights at the inn. Just try not jump every time you hear footsteps at your door.   The Franklin House (263 Queen Street South) Streetsville’s Franklin House dates back to 1855. Once a private residence, the building is now home to a pub. You might not expect that the most antique-feeling place in the most antique-feeling part of Mississauga would have such a violent history. The building is said to be haunted by a young woman named Jesse. Not much is known about her, but it’s said that either she was murdered or she hung herself in her room. Today, guests sometimes see Jesse’s disembodied head, or even her full body walking through doorways and looking out the window of the room where she was supposed to have died.Patrons and staff have also reported poltergeist activity, including glasses shattering and lights flickering.   While you’re there: Try the delicious beer-battered fish and chips. Also, every Thursday is “Industry and UTM Students Night”.   Cherry Hill House (680 Silver Creek Blvd. ) According to Ghosts of Mississauga—a TV show dedicated to uncovering all the paranormal goings-on in the city—Cherry Hill House is one of the most haunted buildings in Canada. The building used to be a base for séances; it sits across from the oldest cemetery in the city. The guests of today have reported multiple hauntings involving a little girl named Miranda, an enigmatic First Nations man, and a mysterious mist. Staff said they were so convinced that Miranda was real, that they brought her a glass of water, only to have her disappear. Voices, images, noises, and tables tipping over have all been reported in the house. In 2010, the Southern Ontario Paranormal Society ran a full investigation of the house, including temperature readings, EMF monitors, and video recordings. They reported hearing unexplainable voices and footsteps.   While you’re there: Cherry Hill House now operates as a pub and steakhouse (we’re seeing a pattern here), so we recommend you give it a try.

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