Inspired by Suresh Doss’ recent article that featured his top picks for delicious and affordable food located around UTM, The Medium contributors have gathered to create their own guide to wallet-friendly, quality food close to campus. Doss, a CBC Metro Morning regular, recommended Breakfast ING, Chilli Chicken House, and Lazar Bakery. This is what our team had to say:


Bubble Kitea – Daniel Reale

Like other bubble tea locations, Bubble Kitea is known for milk teas and slushies poured over generous portions of sweet tapioca. But, Bubble Kitea picks up where your favorite Bubble Tea joint falls short—with their selection of Chinese snacks. Featuring a variety of steamed dumplings and buns, Bubble Kitea keeps me happy when studying brings me down. My recommendation would be their Xiao Long Bao. Filled with pork and shrimp, the buns ooze tasty soup when you bite into them. Use a fork or chopstick to poke a hole in the dumplings soft shell to let some of the steam out, and then sip some tasty soup out while biting into the meat on the inside. They’re soft and warm on the outside, with hearty soup and meat on the inside. With $15 you can get six pieces of Xiao Long Bao, three steamed pork buns, steamed sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf, and a Taro slush. If pork’s not your thing, try the chicken or shrimp Siu Mai dumplings at $4 for four pieces.


The Cold Pressery – Fatima Al Saadie

As a UTM student and a vegan, I know how difficult it can be to find suitable food options. So, you can imagine my surprise when finding out that a plant-based eatery, The Cold Pressery, is just one bus (110 N) and a five-minute walk away from the UTM campus. The food options include vegan grilled cheese, pesto Portobello toast, a selection of baked goods, smoothies, and cold and hot drinks. Most of the food falls within the $4.25 to $7.50 range.

I highly recommend the Chipotle Bean Tacos. Priced at just $6.25, this dish offers a delicious “medley of black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas and corn on avocado spread topped with tomatoes and purple cabbage drizzled with chipotle sauce.” This affordable option comes with three bean tacos!  For dessert, I recommend the Sweets from the Earth double chocolate chip cookie. Priced at just $2.25, this cookie will surely satisfy your sweet tooth and help you maintain your plant-based diet!


The Cold Pressery – Shayna Jan

Trying to eat healthy on a student budget isn’t always easy, considering most restaurants will charge you $18 for a bowl of lettuce. This becomes especially difficult if you have dietary restrictions or ethical concerns that rule out the consumption of meat and animal products. The Cold Pressery has an abundance of vegan-friendly foods to satisfy your cravings. My favourite item on the menu is the açaí bowl, which is açaí purée blended together with mango, banana, and almond milk, sprinkled with hemp seeds, pumpkin granola, fruit, and coconut whip cream. This bowl satisfies my sweet tooth while still providing me with the nutrients I need to be energized for class. More alluring features of the café include their Instagram worthy aesthetic and cozy atmosphere, as their walls are decorated with a Mississauga mural and they have a limited assortment of board games you can play with friends.


Henry’s Fish and Chips – Jessica Cabral

I’ve been going to Henry’s Fish and Chips since I was in elementary school. Nuzzled in the quiet residential area of Dundas and Wolfedale, this cozy fish joint offers large portions for affordable prices. Although the shop specializes in fish, such as haddock, cod, shrimp, and clams, they also offer chicken fingers, chicken burgers, spring rolls, and my ultimate favourite option—poutine. With small, medium, and large sizes priced at $2.66, $3.98, and $5.75, respectively, you can’t go wrong with this people-pleaser. Drenched in warm gravy and served with gooey shredded mozzarella, instead of cheese curds, these loaded fries overflow their cardboard take-out box. You are sure to get your money’s worth because the portion sizes are generous. I’m full and satisfied with a small poutine, but if you’re feeling extra hungry, try a large. After all, who doesn’t love a meal under $10?

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