Whether it’s through BlackBerry Messenger, email, Facebook chat, or text messages, the cute little emoticons we’re all so fond of have been a way for everyone to express themselves. Sometimes people get excessively excited about emoticons, but it helps us express ourselves—especially when words just don’t do it justice. When we’re happy we use the simple smiley face, but when we’re extremely happy we send the emoticon that bares not just the smile but the teeth too! BlackBerry Messenger has a variety of emoticons to choose from (45, to be exact). Everything from “I’m on the phone” to “I’m sleepy” or “I’m dancing it up on a Friday night” are options!

But emoticons don’t just help us state the obvious; when we love someone we might break out the heart, or when we’re mad we use the red, angry face. They can also get us out of awkward conversations. Have you ever said something that was a joke but the other person didn’t get it? Just add the LMAO emoticon and hopefully the other person (if they aren’t a prude) will smile back and get the joke. Or anytime you say something and people take it out of context and don’t get what you meant to.

Well, if you used an emoticon you’d have avoided this!

Let’s say you’re confused about what your friend just wrote to you; BE LAZY and just send the confused emoticon. If you’re on the phone, don’t waste your time y typing out the whole phrase—just use the emoticon of holding a phone to your ear (or lack thereof). Life’s a lot easier with emoticons, ain’t it?

And let’s not forget those awkward, unbearable conversations. If you’re speechless, send an emoticon and voilà. These little pictures seem to be everyone’s best friend. They save time when chatting it up with too many people to remember who you’re talking to. If you’re heading into class and won’t be able to check your phone (because your prof is super anal), just send an emoticon to your five BBMs and three texts. If you’re not so popular and don’t have that many missed messages, send an emoticon anyway—I promise you’ll feel better. If worst comes to worst, send one to yourself and pretend it’s from someone cool!

If you haven’t been using these little people in your conversations, where have you been? Emoticons will take over the cyber world. Soon there will be an emoticon for every word or phrase, and we won’t ever type again. Maybe in a couple of years articles will be written in pure emoticons. Now wouldn’t that be fun to read? :)

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