How to spot a cheater

If your head is up in the clouds like Jersey Shore’s Sammi, and you don’t know how to spot a Ronnie, don’t worry! If you find that your partner is doing more than three things from the list below, then my advice is to reevaluate the situation. There might be multiple good explanations for their mysterious ways and late night disappearances, or there might be one simple answer: they’re flat-out CHEATING!

They’re always “busy”

I have to go to the doctor. I have to take my mom to the doctor. Oh no, wait, I have to take my dog to the doctor. (“But you’ve never even had a dog.” “Uhm…”)

They don’t answer your calls.

Sometimes people are actually busy, but if they don’t answer your phone calls on a regular basis, either their phone is dead or they’re with their other “special someone”.

They get calls when you’re together… and not from your future mother-in-law.

If they’re getting calls, and they try to avoid picking them up when you’re around, something is definitely up. Do some investigation, but if you’re caught… don’t blame me.

They’re not as affectionate.

If he/she isn’t an affectionate person, then everything still may be A-OK. However, if they’re only now becoming distant, you might want to find out the reason, because their arms might be wrapping around someone else.

They avoid eye contact.

When you ask them a question, do they avoid eye contact? If so, something is wrong. People who don’t make eye contact during conversations are probably hiding something. It’s not like they’re shy; after all, you aren’t strangers.

There’s less heat between the sheets.

Okay, this might be a biggie. If there isn’t as much steam in the bedroom, then you might be in a relationship crisis. You might want to make sure they’re not getting their night-time nookie from another cookie—to put it nicely.

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