The Halloween Pub, hosted by the UTMSU, is and always has been a grand event at UTM, a school not really known for having a big party scene. Years ago, before the introduction of online ticket sales, my best friend and I would line up outside the Student Centre for hours, hoping to snag tickets to this popular university-wide party.

Since our first pub appearance, as nerdy little first years who needed “under 19” passes to be granted entry, a lot has changed. However, our friendship and our love for Halloween has remained constant. Each and every year since our first year, my friend and I have made it a point to attend the Halloween pub night, for the sake of tradition. This year, being our fourth and final, was symbolic, representing the pinnacle of our university experience. This year was also different, as we were bringing outsiders: our boyfriends.

Everyone else I talked to was surprised with our lasting dedication to the Halloween pub, asking why we wouldn’t want to spend our Halloween at a “real club” or a house party because “everybody knows pub is for nerdy first years.” As we approached the Student Centre on October 31st, I was beginning to think they might be right. The line wrapped around the building and many of the attendees looked awfully young. We reassured our boyfriends that we wouldn’t stay long, maybe dance for a few songs, and then head out to grab drinks elsewhere.

When we finally got to the front of the line, the bumblebee in front of us fumbled around in her wallet for her “under 19” pub pass, nervously asking her friends if her wings were on alright. At first, I felt old and out of place, but once we got inside the nostalgia of my first year overcame me. I was flooded with the memories of past costumes, spooky decorations, old songs, and great experiences. We got into the music and danced the night away, until the very end. The highlight of our night was probably my friend and her boyfriend being called up on stage for their Wonder Woman and Superman costume, since we had been gypped of that recognition the year before, with our meticulously planned White Chicks costumes.

For those looking in on the Halloween pub from the outside, you might be quick to judge. But for me, as an insider seeing the Halloween pub for the final time, I learned that Halloween isn’t about where you go or what you do, instead it’s about the people you’re with and what you make of it. If you think going to the pub is a good time, and you love dressing up, who has the right to tell you it’s lame? Do what you love, because before you know it you’ll be graduating and wishing you’d done more with your time.

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