Going home for the holidays? Lucky!

It’s that time of year: Christmas music is blaring everywhere around you, it’s getting colder, and decorations are popping up everywhere. But what about those who can’t go home and be with the family? Here are some guidelines to still have a good holiday away.


Skype it up. Thanks to social networking, you can catch up with people without even leaving your house. If you can’t make it home for the holidays, have a lengthy Skype session with your loved ones. You can even open presents with each other over Skype!


Create a framily. They say you can’t pick your family, but you can pick your friends, so why not combine the two? If you’re away from family for the holidays, create a framily: a family made out of friends. Get together with the pals who’re spending the holidays away from home and celebrate together. Create new traditions with the framily, have a potluck dinner, or go out somewhere.


Take part in local activities. It’s a bummer being away from home, but wallowing in sadness won’t help your situation. Go out and take part in the holiday festivities that are going on. Almost every town holds a Santa Claus Parade—go and check it out! Take part in any holiday festivity that your town has to offer; you’ll be so busy with the events that you’ll forget that you couldn’t make it home for the holidays.


Celebrate the holidays in your own way. It’s all about how you spin your situation. Don’t think of how you’re missing out on Mom’s homemade meal; just celebrate the holidays in your own way. Besides, do you hate how your family insists on turkey for every family dinner? Ring in the holidays with your favourite comfort food. If you hate decorating the house, now you don’t have to. Do the holidays your way this year.


Take yourself away from it all. If you find it too difficult to spend the holidays away from your loved ones, then don’t celebrate. Do anything else. Instead of decorating, go see a movie. Don’t want to watch holiday specials? Read a book.


Holidays are supposed to be family times, but sometimes that’s just not possible. If you’re without family this holiday season, don’t get upset, because that’s not going to make it any better. Try out these tips and make the best of the holiday you have, with or without the family. Remember, the best use of the holidays is peace and rest. Whether you’re with the family or not, make sure you use the holidays to sit back, relax, and not have a care in the world.

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