On Thursday November 17, U of T’s Impact Centre held the first “Entrepreneurship 100: Conversation”—the first of a tri-event. In an interview with The Medium, Leo Mui, the manager of the Entrepreneurship Initiative section of the Impact Centre, said, “This is the first time this iteration of the event has been held.”

According to Mui, the event had an average of 300 attendees.

“Entrepreneurship events have been held a lot, but this is a brand-new format, as we’re going to have a lot of audience participation by asking the audience questions,” said Mui.

So what does it take to become an entrepreneur? Mui says that you must first take interest in what you want to do and you must be flexible to change.

When pursing a high-risk task, being faced with adversity is likely. James Standen, founder of nModal, says that “failure is only scary if you are doing something that isn’t difficult.”

Entrepreneurship is unique because you have a chance of creating something that is completely your own. On this topic, Mia Andrews, the founder of Manjya, says, “No one can replicate your drive. No one can replicate your personality.”

The common theme in the event’s panel was the emphasis on the individual’s passion and drive. While becoming an entrepreneur requires a significant amount of effort, facing challenges with an open mind is crucial to succeed.

“Entrepreneurship 100” will hold its second event on November 24, where panelists will discuss where they get their ideas from. The last event, held on December 1, will discuss implementing those ideas.

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