This is one of the more unfortunate dates.

Every first date can get a little awkward, especially when you really like the person. Perhaps you had a fantastic first date over the weekend, or maybe it was a complete nightmare. Here are some tips to turn that frown upside down on a first date:

Don’t constantly be on your phone

No one likes a person who is glued to his or her cell phone. You have to show that you’re interested, so unless you’re pretending to get an “emergency phone call”, put the cell phone away. If you’re date is constantly on the phone, then politely say you’re not into “ménage-à-trois”—the third person being a sexy little BlackBerry or iPhone.

Don’t talk about your exes

This is the worst possible thing you can do! Dwelling on your exes shows that you’re not quite over the breakup. If you’re talking about your ex, just how often are you thinking about them?

No passing wind of any kind

I know you just had those spicy burritos from Taco Bell, but what were you thinking? Now you must suffer, because the only wind your date should be feeling is the light breeze coming from the car window.

Know your limit

If you are slurring your words then you might slur the first date right into the ground. If you know you are a cheap drunk, stick with just one drink. It is not classy or gentlemanly when you are falling down and making a fool of yourself. So try to stay slightly sober.


Hangovers, bad breath, messy hair, corny jokes, and (sorry) just plain old boring!

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