i stand here unsheltered, unprotected.

my only shelter: emotional, courage,

one man facing the immortal unexpected.

a deluge of fog, a rising moss

aimless, irrevocable, and unrestricted

resting under my gaze, embracing

the lonely mountain, the rising hills,

the jagged rocks, still erected

the sky and land meeting in the middle

both connected by gray horizon, respected.

a lone wanderer i stand, watching rocky

fingers reach out of the fog. this sea,

my sea of fog, standing through all

that’s rejected: by human kind, i alone

in Sublimity, stand with an overflowing heart,

an understanding of the chasm, the vastness

of this tiny speck of foggy gray from up above.

i alone, the wanderer, in this shady place,

this hazy space, listening to trance and trace,

stand connected.

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