Glittering, shining, a promise, a hope

The sunlight of a new dawn, new
day, new startings

Bathing me in light, in serenity,
numbing peace

Washing and cleaning of all contaminants,
of all pollutants.

Sterilized, sanitized from the worries
of yesterday,

from the approaching labours of
today and the never-ending pains of

Dancing in every particle of my

Breathing, absolving, consuming
my existence

For mere seconds lasting eons.
A living entity, near physical form,

unbound by states of matter,
In a fluid, a solid, a gaseous state.

Unrestricted. Free from the chains
of reality

Zealously broken from the strings
of time,

And released from the commitments
to responsibility.

A sweet escape, a needed escapade.
Drenched in eccentric heartbeats

and liberated smiles.
Eliciting laughs as sudden as the

falling pearls of a broken necklace.
Rhythmic and successive, but oh so

short. Never enough.
Scattering across the tangible and

intangible portions of my being
Across my momentary existence.

Swirling into my head with a deluge
of memories,

Clouding all semblance of reason,
all assortment of thought.

Encaged in the pleasure of a temporary
break…some relief…a little

An invitation to the worn soul for a

true smile among millions faked.
A sip of life, a breath of verve signaling

sanity, normalcy, consciousness.
Just a sip, a taste, a breath. No more.

Before I, once again, put the vial of
routine to my lips

And consume liquefied reality. Unwillingly.
Before I continue to follow the

shabby trails of custom, convention,
and habit.

Before I religiously maintain all the
infectants of my nature, my essence.

So now I wait. Expectantly. Anxiously.

For that next minute of sunshine to
pull me to the surface.

To bring me to life once again and
inculcate in me…some feeling!

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