My instincts say "nay"

Unknowingly, unwontedly, I stumbled upon a mighty foe

A bastard child of sheer ignorance and hatred, ye know

A monster that ruthlessly tears the frail fabric of the society

Fed lovingly by the mainstream media, prejudices & false notoriety

An ideology lovingly propagated by popular culture of some

A chameleon that deceptively changes colors to BeComE

A deceptive snake writhing within naïve hearts and minds

They boast that they are magically superior somehow

Race, culture, ethnicity, technology & wealth, oh wow!

Their list of useless reasons just continues & is expanded upon

Implicitly & explicitly in attitude, lingo, education and tone

A social construct it is, falsely believed to be a scientific one

A construct that brutally silences the meek and weak, my hun

Encouraging the feeble-minded to hostility and sleep

A different sort of a psychopath that regularly brutalizes the weak

You foolish Racist!  Remember the Roots

Roots of the past, tomorrow and of forever

Roots that intertwine like those of the tree

Holding strongly to give life and strength, to the free

Oh, why your inner disease infects the Roots of the trees?

Leading to unwanted infection and decay, of their a.b.c.s

And eventually, among us, a noiseless sound EchOS

As the tree falls to the ground — silent pathos

A blackened heart

A broken heart

Some blackened hearts

Some broken hearts

Countless blackened hearts

Countless broken hearts

Now, oh racist, do you see?

Do you see, or are you still blind?

Ridicules so casually thrown at a person by a person

Why are you living here? Go back to your country, you bison

Ridicules sung in foreign languages by old ladies on the sidewalks

Harassments so casually tolerated by the colored ; thoughts that stalk

Legal decisions carefully & pointlessly drafted on termination papers

Unfortunately, the contract has ended because of such and such

Huh! Decisions are Silent Derisions

Racial profiling and media propaganda eventually turns into

A war machine maniacally designed for genocide, just to subdue

Social coloniasm gradually colonizes the Others

As the dominant ones foolishly marginalize their own brothers

Creating societal power differences within this so-called democracy

Creating socioeconomic disparities, disabling minorities , such hypocrisy

Senselessly creating poverty despite beautifully rich diversity

Marginalizing Others to the extent of retardation, oh a perversity

The perpetrators have no skin, they have no skin

They took my voice, so I spoke with pen, paper and ink


As Wanda says: I find it in my mouth

When I speak of other things Creati

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