Little sugars

red umbrella chasing blue raindrops

searching and seeking and enjoying the splatter

while i am searching for you

and your blood-red coat walks past this lane

and comes out from the forest green

the black clouds drop the white flakes

it settles in your brown hair, and u swallow some

little sugars on your tongue

your muffin cakes baking in the warm oven

and your flighty gold scarf seeks air to flow in

while the white sheets in your backyard

get covered with rain and snow

a crow sits on the rope

waiting for your return

and i keep searching for you

your sweet small dimples

the embodiment of happiness

i begin to run after your red coat

and try to touch your warm brown hair

and as you open your eyes to look at me

i open mine and see its just a dream

<> <> <>

i turn the other way and wrap my arms

around your softly sleeping breathing body.

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