Death has always been something that I have questioned —something that I use to deny would ever happen within my family. However, the reality of life itself is that death is a definite part of it. It will happen to all of us at one point or another. As human beings put on this earth, not by choice, but by some miraculous power, we truly must cherish the moments we have. We must indulge ourselves not in the extraneous things but in our families and in the people we love. We mustn’t abuse the time we have with people, because every last second with that person counts. We cannot live our lives wishing we had sent that one letter in the mail, or wishing we would have taken the time simply to learn what a person’s favourite colour was. We must take advantage of the time the people we love are with us here on Earth, laughing with them or just sitting in silence enjoying one another’s company.

That’s the time that counts. We must lead a life of good relationships, for we know not when they may suddenly be taken from us. I do not wish to live a life of regret, for I’d much rather be remembered as a beautiful individual. Not for what she owned or what she looked like, but because she gave even when she had nothing to give… Someone who would sacrifice, even though she did her entire life. Someone who would stay on the phone, even when there was nothing left to talk about. Someone who would feed another, even when there wasn’t enough food in the fridge for herself. Someone who would be loved and appreciated by all simply because she was a good person. The mortality of human beings is what makes life so beautiful. For we have one life to live, as far as we all know. And so it is our duty, our prerogative, to make this life worth living—not only for ourselves but for those around us. We must try our very best to lead a beautiful life.

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  1. Miss Cardozzo,

    I like this article, it’s very inspiring. Keep living your life the way you are, and nothing but good things will come your way.

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