For you

There’s a fondness
that needs no filling
with a powerful aroma
of body and emotion sizzling
strong enough to lift me from a coma
the feeling is thrilling
no objections
since we’re both willing
I show your figure immaculate affection
as you begin spilling
from your body, the manifestation of perfection
I kiss and caress
your essence at every section
being intimate next to your unworn dress
Im unable to steer away from your alluring complexion
your beautiful glowing skin, a sign that Im being beckoned
removing your clothes, so slowly gently and enjoyably from your exquisite shape that broke the mold of the female
form made it feel like mine came off in just a second
now its left up to my body, to be in charge of your inspection

Unrobed in front of me
on the mattress where you’ve been passionately placed
you radiate an irresistible mystique
i go in for a taste
lost in your gorgeous physique
but i don’t wanna escape
ill kiss you everywhere between your knees and waist
until that moment i can make you peak
we’ve got the whole night, there’s no need to haste

It sends shivers up your spine
and causes contractions
that makes your silhouette on the wall move so divine
but i demand satisfaction
so we further entwine
until i get a stronger reaction
out of you
like a gasp for air
but i want to hear you moan
in this moment we share
thats still too low a tone
as far as we know, the world isn’t there
and we’re all alone, i give a tug to your hair
so let out your loudest groans
while i watch your skin and bones
turn into something beautiful

I pull you closer
with my hands at your sides
using your curves as my guides
in order to get inside
where I’m meant to reside
and though it is in one room confined
the sensation has no limits
its worldwide
our skin, our hands, our lips, our hips, rub, caress, kiss and collide
but I’m keeping good pace
while my muscles look to your delicate skin to confide
that between us there’s no room for space
and i think of the pleasure i want to provide
For You

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