Chris Berberian, Arts Editor:

A midnight snack

Name: Maxi as Count Maximilian of Transsiberia

When nighttime hits, I can’t tame this insatiable murmur gnawing inside my belly. My eyes sting; my teeth ache; and, do I smell blood? Red mist hovers above the kitchen skylight. My bowl remains, as it has all night, empty. It’s too late to turn back now. With each passing minute, the sun slowly rises. Master is sound asleep in his room. He will do.

Julia Healy, Photo Editor: 

 “Snap” and they’re mine

Name: Murphy as Thanos from The Avengers

Once I snap my fingers, half of all living beings in the universe will cease to exist. The universe will be grateful for my interference and I will be revered as a King. Then, all the dog treats will be mine. 

Aya Yafaoui, Comment Editor: 


Name: Maeve as The Imperial Lion 

In a world unlike our own, where animals possess human qualities and faults, lies a fractured region embroiled in power struggles. Animalia, the ancestral home to four tribes, Rodentia, Canidae, Pisces, and Feelyne, has been warred over for decades, each tribe claiming it as their true birthright. Each Chief passes on the fight to their heir, continuing the cycle of destruction. Yet, in a small village, at the border of Feelyne and Canidae, lives a cat plotting to change that. 

Maeve stands over Angela and Jack Barker’s tombstone. She is haunted by the day that Feelyne-sanctioned rogues killed her adopted family in their attempt to take Spottington for the Feelynes. Maeve fled to the woods, once again a scared and orphaned kitten. She emerged a feline determined to avenge her canine family’s murder and end this bloody conflict for good. 

A paw touches Maeve’s shoulder. Her advisor, Nico Meowchiavelli, signals it’s time. Maeve nods. Their plan to purge Animalia of its dictators requires her to be strategic and logical. She can’t afford to show weakness. Rivers of blood will flow from the lords’ castles in Feelyne, Pisces, Rodentia, and Canidae. And once the smoke settles, Maeve will take the throne as the sole ruler of Animalia. A queen whose reign will bring peace—at any cost.  

Elizabeth Provost, Features Editor: 

Beta Shark

Name: Larry as Poseidon

In this vast ocean, I am the biggest marine creature. I am the ruler. I am in control. I am the great white shark. I swim all day, surrounded by lesser creatures that I feed upon. Call me Poseidon.

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