Writing & Photo Contest 2018 Winner — Poetry


That night, I found myself meeting you in the same old place.

The harsh reality was a mere phase.

These cracked floors dug open those daunting memories.

For they pierced through my soul and left me wondering.

Why you? Why did I give myself to YOU?

My hand traced along the chipped walls that echoed those haunting stories

One who used to hold my hand is now kneeling in front another.

As you reach to pull out the diamond ring, the same ruby color.

The truth became a blur in this toxic air.

For building deeper relationships turned into despair

Thought this was a tale of two lovebirds for a lifetime.

For that wish lost its chime the moment I threw the dime.

The truth unfolded as I heard a faint “I do” from afar.

With the people cheering and the fireworks disappearing.

The toxic air became breathable for the very first time.

As I pull myself up, I found myself leaving that same old place.

The harsh reality was in fact a mere phase.

Planting the floor with pecks of roses, the daunting memories were buried for centuries.

Covering the walls with hopes and dreams, my victories outshone the haunting stories.

Off to a new start I go, never looking back as I grow.

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