Writing & Photo Contest 2016 Winner — Poetry

All of You

Your body is a map
The curves that swerve along your sides
Are long, unknown roads that stretch for miles
The gaps between your fingers and
The creases in your palm
Are like back roads
To the hometown I love
But can never visit
Your eyes are
Like all the countries I’ve wanted to go to
But have never been to before

Your body is home
Was I the guest that expected too much?
The one who wouldn’t leave?
Your hands reached out to feed me
And you loved me like your own
You were the bed that I lay on
Your tears like a bath that washed me clean
Your heart was a welcome mat that
I perhaps stepped all over
Here I can claim refuge
For I have nowhere else to go

Judges’ Comment

The poem’s greatest strength is its imagery and attention to detail, and the seamless way it ties together the tangible and intangible.

This was an entry in the 2015/16 Writing & Photo Contest.

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