Welcome to next year

Hi, everyone. I’m Luke, a senior linguistics and French student, and next year’s editor-in-chief.

My background at the paper is three years of copy-editing and two of writing Luke’s Languages, a features column in which I talk casually about linguistics.

I have worked under three excellent editors-in-chief: Saaliha Malik, Michael Di Leo, and Stefanie Marotta. Every year, I’ve seen the quality of the paper improve under their leadership. Although I come to the position with quite a different set of competences, I hope to build on their work. I am particularly glad for our independence from other organizations, which these editors have used to take stances not represented on other people’s posters, encouraging an exciting amount of editorial response from the campus.

The relationship of a good editor-in-chief to the editing team is reciprocal. Without the talent of the editors, associates, and writers, the leadership afforded by this position would be useless. There are many in this bunch with whom I will be proud to work.

Till then, I think it’s about time we all took a break from everything school-related. So have a good summer!s


Luke Sawczak

Copy editor

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