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Dear Editor,

Masse to build a stronger U of T? I think not!
I find it highly ironic that Steve Masse, the presidential candidate for the “CHANGE” ticket, is running on a platform to build a stronger relationship between UTSU and UTMSU. If memory serves me correctly, Masse threw a temper tantrum when the AGM was delayed to wait for UTM students because the school bus from UTM broke down.
And wasn’t he and other people on the Change ticket the ones who said UTM students don’t really matter because we are a satellite campus?
I am one of the 12,000 UTM students who pays membership dues to the Union. My voice and my vote counts just as much as the student who goes to the St. George campus. So is Masse sincere about building relationships between the Union and UTM students, or is this just one of those blatant lies he has slapped onto a poster to win UTM over?


Sarah Minhas
Confused UTM Student

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  1. Is this the same AGM metting where 26 UTM proxy forms were improperly gathered and given to the same late UTM students?

    Steeve Masse may not be the ideal candidate, however the culture of doing `whatever it takes` should not be the relationship UTMSU should have with UTSU.

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