UTM not a racetrack

Dear Editor,

Lately I have become irritated with how incredibly fast people have been driving on inner campus roads. It is extremely dangerous and it
is coming to the point where people cross the road not when the signal  commands them to, but rather when they feel safe in doing so.

Motorists should be taking precautions to drive safely because many of  our roads curve and have trees that obstruct our view, which makes it  difficult to see pedestrians and oncoming vehicles. This is also a  major issue because this is a campus shared not only among UTM  students, but its also used by many young children and other  community members, so drivers should be responsible enough to honor  campus road signs and speed limits for the safety of everyone. Lastly,  our campus is a home to many other beautiful animals including birds,  squirrels, raccoons, and deer. These animals are constantly getting  hit by cars and dying needlessly at the fault of reckless drivers.

Obviously we all have somewhere to get to, but nothing is so important  that you cannot take the time to do it safely.

Sam Ouellette

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