Unity, Unity

Dear Editor,

A few days before Reading week started, I had ventured into the Student’s Centre, with the intention of meeting several friends who were promoting U.T.M.S.U’s, “Unity Through Diversity” campaign, by celebrating various cuisines from different parts of the world. Among these friends, I knew a few from high school, and I as walked past various booths, I reminisced about how we were debating about which university to accept for undergraduate studies. I remember contemplating about the coexistence of the students at the University of Toronto, Mississauga campus, where the diversity amongst the inhabitants creates an atmosphere of amity. This, more than any other factor, had contributed to my decision to be part of UTM.
As I waited in line to get sushi, the medley of voices speaking different languages, the different cultures and backgrounds and best of all, the fragrances of delicious food all seemed to unite and meld together to assert the student union’s message; unity can and always will be achieved through diversity. It really seems to be a simple phrase, but on closer contemplation, carries a powerful message. One can associate themselves to an institution or nationality, but each individual is different in personality. With respect to the students at UTM, the common goal of achieving success through academics and extra-curricular activities drives us; the integral needs of friends, comfort and encouragement binds us. But most of all, the right to feel accepted and appreciated, not tolerated, unites us.
Looking around the excited and friendly faces of my fellow students, I felt a momentary rush of affection and pride. Finishing the delicious sushi, I took pictures of the event so that I could show my family and friends. But best of all, I wanted to keep memories of such student organised events which reflect more about the spirit of UTM than I could ever truly express in words. Unity through Diversity!


Marium Chowdhury

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