This summer U-Pass is not…

Dear Editor,

This summer U-Pass is not such a great deal. On a daily basis, UTMSU executives and volunteers bombard the halls, screaming out, “I heart summer U-Pass, Vote Yes”. With their bright yellow shirts, they make announcements in lectures and persuade you with price numbers they have chosen to reveal. Students can’t even go to the bathroom without looking at a sticker that reads “vote yes for summer U-Pass”.

Now some might say that my opinion is biased (since I am the assistant Features editor), but I don’t get paid for the work I do here, nor do I get any bribes from any of the editors. In fact, I was a UTMSU volunteer for Orientation Week, and I get along with the many of the UTMSU execs and volunteers, so my opinion is not biased, just informed. Just because I get along with UTMSU does not mean I have to support every campaign; on the contrary, I am allowed to have my own thoughts. After all, my tuition fees pay their salaries.

For some odd reason, I had many text messages from presidents and vice-presidents of important and high-standing clubs at UTM, saying that they disagreed with the summer U-Pass and that UTMSU is not giving full details during their presentations or even on their posters. One president told me that people were telling her that she could opt out of the regular and summer U-Pass, as she is a permit-holder! This is a lie! I have a parking pass, and I take summer school, and I am tired of paying for things that I don’t use. This same president told me that when the UTMSU speaks they don’t say correct facts and don’t respect people’s right to vote without being harassed.

Why can’t I tell you who these people are? Well, they are afraid. They are scared that UTMSU will cut their club funding and give them a hard time. But I write this letter as a club president. A small club, yes.

But does my opinion still matter? Of course. All I am saying is that before you vote yes, make sure you have all the details. Here’s an idea: maybe if we didn’t spend $9,000+ on t-shirts and ridiculous posters, or reduced UTMSU’s salary of $20,000+, the U-Pass might be free. Don’t we want student fees to decrease—or is that just in theory?


Mariana Comito

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