Operating outside the margins of the ordinary has become increasingly popular in various aspects of society. This type of approach and manner of thinking has enabled honest and raw expression by artists, musicians, writers, and other creative minds. ‘Underground music’ is a platform through which musicians can openly share their ideas with full sincerity, intimacy, and freedom of creative expression. In today’s highly formulaic production of commercial music, this media fosters a genuine appreciation for artistic individuality and encourages these artists to create beyond current mainstream trends.

Simply put, the underground music umbrella encompasses any song that is not legally commercialized and distributed on mainstream podia. It is created by unique artists who express themselves in a manner sprawling beyond conventional ideals and ‘templates.’ Underground music exists as a ‘pure’ form of musical art as the bands and artists that create underground music gain credibility for making music that means something, rather than music which fulfills the bottom-line standards that most major labels act under.

Commercial music is about trends and popularity. Although it is regarded to be “real” music, it has been altered by a third-party to make it more palatable to the masses. On the other hand, the production and creative process of underground music is fully in control of the independent artist, making the art unique and authentic. 

Underground music is available in all genres, from psychedelic to rap to classic rock. However, unlike most mainstream music, the focus is on the quality of the music and the honesty of the artist’s message. With millions of dollars at their disposal, big record labels and the artists they represent can secure exposure and convince audiences into thinking that the music they are constantly bombarded with is actually good. With money invested in marketing, you can sell anything, but without marketing, only music of great quality and meaning survives. Artists of the Underground must create and prove themselves—nothing is handed to them.

On the mainstream scene, the most popular song is considered the best, the hottest, and the most worthwhile.  In underground music, the listener, and not the majority of the population, controls the music they wish to listen to.

Underground music also nurtures a powerful connection between its artists and the listeners. Smaller concerts and venues where artists establish a line of connection with their fans allow for an authentic experience. Artists in the Underground community tend to be much more open and willing to share their life stories, bestowing another layer of understanding to the art.

The Underground is authentic and easy to connect to on a gut wrenching, emotional, and spiritual level. It sprawls beyond societal boundaries and conventions along with fostering genuine human connection. It is an immersive experience that I would highly recommend.

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