My last editorial at The Medium

Writing my last editorial for The Medium reminds me of my first time writing an article for The Medium two years ago. I was so fixated on trying to make it perfect that it took me about six hours to write a short story on an issue with residence students applying for spots at OPH.

It’s now my last time writing in The Medium as Editor-in-Chief.  I don’t want to write about the UTMSU elections, which I covered as the News Editor last year. Instead, I’d like to take time to thank everyone who has sent me letters this year, both the good and the bad. It’s because of you that we have tried different story ideas, added new sections, changed up the look of our paper, and printed another magazine.

It’s been such an enriching experience working at the newspaper these last two years. It may not be for everyone, but it has taught me so much and given me the opportunity to explore a creative side of writing that I never got a chance to do in class. It has been a tough year but a great one, and some people might think that I do this on my own. The truth is The Medium could never be printed without the support of those who have dedicated their time to put together the paper. Not everyone gets to see what happens behind the scenes at a newspaper, but as soon as we print an issue we’re at work on the next. Stories must be in by Thursday, and all day Sunday is spent doing layout and final editing.

I have heard from a lot of you who have shared your thoughts on many stories we’ve published. Some students still refer to us as “haters” for publishing anything about UTMSU. But there are others, those of you who comment on our website and leave me messages saying that you liked a certain piece in the creative corner, or learned a lot from one of my editorials. The Medium isn’t here to shine a negative light on anyone, even the student union. If I was able to help even one person understand the campus dynamics, or read one article that made them question something, then I did my job. I wanted to make people critically think about issues going on around campus.

In my editorials, I obviously took a stance on matters, and sometimes it might have seemed unfair—but I hope that it helped you develop your own strong and fact-based opinions. I learned the importance of being strong and speaking your mind, not from being an executive member at UTMSU, but from being an editor at The Medium. My arguments required me to build on facts and back up my statements with honesty, something I would advise everyone to start doing.

As I am graduating this year, I wanted to thank a few people who have helped me over the past few years at UTM by transitioning into new roles, teaching me the value of work both inside and outside the classroom, and for always having an open-door policy. Paul Donoghue, Mark Overton, and professor Joan Simalchik: I will always keep your advice and words of encouragement in mind through the next chapter in my life.

Thank you to my team this year, best of luck to those of you graduating, to the volunteers we’ve always been able to rely on, and the readers who sometimes pick up The Medium.


Saaliha Malik


  1. No letters to the editor this week? Saddiez. A real shame the whole section was used solely to show off the new staff… couldn’t that have been its own article instead of taking up the only place where average students can write in?

    • Thanks for your comment.
      The newly elected Editors are students who wrote in. Those were the only letters that I received for this issue.

  2. No offense, but it seems like you guys kind of half-assed it this year.

    I’m not alleging you guys weren’t working hard, but it seems that way wrapping up a month early, not providing much in terms of content and editorials and repeatedly missing deadlines for new issues.

    I hope next years team is more prepared for the challenges that come from running a media publication.

  3. How does one get involved with the Medium? I know this comment is kind of late, seeing how this was issued in March, and it is now May, but I am going in my second year and I would really like to get involved with The Medium. Any suggestions?

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