Sick, tired students

Dear Editor,

Shame on “Stronger Together.” Students are sick and tired of their old arguments trying to defend the status quo so that Adam Awad can protect his precious UTSU salary. What we really need to do is Change UTSU. I’m excited that the Change Team is going to put the needs of students first and empower every single one of us to have a role in advocacy and in making the student experience better at UTM and U of T. They want to put the “student” back in “student union” and give each of us a role in shaping campaigns.
The attacks that “Stronger Together” keep repeating just try to divide us even further. They think UTM students don’t know the truth. All these dirty tactics show that they care more about the campaign than doing their jobs at UTSU—Adam Awad’s
“Stronger Together” campaign website is slick and professional, so why does the website suck so hard? It’s Web 1.0. It’s like they care more about getting elected over and over again than actually working hard while in office, and making UTSU something we should care about. I’m voting for a more accessible student union. I’m voting for a more active student union. I’m voting for a student union that is run by students. I’m voting for Change.


Andrea Beebe

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