Re: Mr. Boutillier’s letter

Dear Editor,

Re: Mr. Boutilier’s letter

I’m glad you sent in your letter, which makes important points about the ban. As an average reader, though, I wanted to reply to two points. Not that I side with the Catholic school board, but I think it needs clarifying.

About one of your early points: I don’t think it’s about homosexuals being premature while heterosexuals aren’t; you’re right, nobody believes that. The issue was that according to the Catholic school board, a premature relationship is justified if it leads to marriage—which, for them, a homosexual relationship wouldn’t. Of course, they’re kidding themselves if they think teens usually go into high school relationships with marriage in mind. I think their point is void one way or another.

About your question, “Should the denomination rights of publicly funded Catholic schools be maintained over those of individuals?” Okay, here I’ll state an opinion. Not even Christians (whose Bible does condemn homosexuality) should persecute gays, not in a million years. But I think that in a bigger picture, the schools’ rights should be maintained, because it isn’t necessarily hurting people. Catholic schools aren’t the only ones that are publicly funded, and things like this are why they’re Catholic schools in the first place. If I understand them correctly, that’s how they choose to live, and no one is forced to join them in it, unless there’s some reason why you have to go to a Catholic school… I kind of thought it was for Catholics?

I sometimes question whether it’s a good thing to be intolerant of intolerance.

Sincerely and, I hope, friendly,

Luke Sawczak

Copy Editor

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